Myanmar Bagan Myanmar is your complete one-stop-shop for international shipping. With our new warehousing services, your import and export goods are in good hands. We store your goods until you need them,and even have pick and pack services.

We provide you the facility of warehousing of imported and export goods in Customs Bonded Warehouses. Basically, goods after landing are permitted to be moved to a warehouse and duty is collected at the time of clearance from the warehouse.Having extensive knowledge of warehousing procedures, we offer the best warehousing charges for holding of stocks. We ensure the goods reach customers in the same condition it comes to the warehouse.

Importance Of Warehousing

Warehouses are indispensable especially when the product in question is high in demand. Instead of supplying from various nodes, warehouses provide the benefit of accumulation and consolidation. By accumulating the inventory at one place, it is easier to sustain stock as well as merge shipments together. Through this approach, we help the clients in sizeable savings from the economies of scale point of view.
Final products consisting of multiple parts from different facilities need to be assembled before reaching the customer. Warehouses act as a central point for production assembly. With modern warehousing facilities, we allow packing and grading of the goods according to the client’s needs.
Warehouses serve as a single point for returns on shipments. At Myanmar Bagan Myanmar, through this we can administer the returns of import or export goods more efficiently and help maintain the correct levels of inventory alongwith a seamless supply chain.
Warehouses reduce the time between production and consumption of goods by enabling storage of a buffer stock of the products. It particularly helps with seasonal products even though produced only during a few months, need to uphold a stable supply throughout the year.
Warehouses add considerable value to the entire logistics process by reducing the cycle time. Storing goods in a warehouse facilitates proper management of inventory and businesses can make better replenishment and other decisions.